Tripplesapiens, 2018 is an ongoing project which originated as a result of Ped.Moreira’s experience in the A Level Playing Field(2017) residency. The project has a focus on the analysis of the virtual landscapes of a 3D generated videogame as a form Utopia. Inspired by the artist’s idea of “heaven” instilled by their Mormon upbringing, the world of the Tripplesapiens is one in which humans have evolved into a state of immortality and lack of a need for sustenance and lodging, and where time is spent improving individual skill sets (such as hunting, gathering and crafting) and learning more about immediate natural habitats.

This is an expansion on the concept of “luxury primitivism” analysed in Power and Responsibility, 2018. However instead of the project being concerned with human performance of avatar behavioural patterns, the artist is more intent on “world-building” a narrative in which they and other colaborators can perform as virtual avatars.

The first Tripplesapien, Tlön, is a projection of what the artist sees as the next evolutionary state of humanity, a being that transcends gender, race, and nationality and exists solely in the imaginary or virtual. Ped.Moreira has recently dedicated his instagram profile to this project using the hashtag #tripplesapiens and using the platform as a performance and research tool.