A Level Playing Field is an artist residency created by Pedro Moreira in which the artist “resides” in an MMO RPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) and consumes this virtual space as reality. “I see these environments as microcosms that can serve as indicators of ways in which people interact and work together for common goals. I’d like to explore the hierarchy of social relations in an environment where the body and background of the people involved is not present.”

This project went on for a total of thirty days, during this time, the artist was in solitary confinement and had no contact outside of the video-game. The residency was broadcasted at alevelplayingfield.online.

Living in a virtual space allowed the artist to explore ideas pertaining to discourse of sentience and consciousness, and the ramifications of virtual reality as a conceivable way of life.

For the duration of the residency, the artist searched the virtual landscapes of the video-game for answers to questions about the differences between living primarily in a virtual environment as opposed to living in a “real” one and what either of these definitions really meant. To find out more about this project please read the artist’s interview published on isthisit.