Pedro Moreira is a queer artist whose work is contextualised within the language of creationism and its parallels with virtually terraformed landscapes such as videogames and social media, exploring the relationship between the idealization of virtual spaces and theological or mythological/ utopian phenomenology. Using the method of world-building as a narrative tool, Moreira’s research materialises through their multidisciplinary practice in the form of videos, installations, performances, and sculptures, usually retaining some level of interactivity. Pedro is interested in trying to portray constructive fantasies as mirrors to reality through relative fiction. The acknowledgement of one’s own existence in a virtual and imaginary environment and how this impacts our biology is Pedro’s preferred philosophical point of focus.

Photo by Miguel De

Photo by Miguel De

Recent exhibitions

Querido Estranho, Sarau (2022); Pearl Divers and Storytellers, Duplex AIR (2022); Desfoga Festival, Fefiñáns Palace (2022); Caring is Sharin, CABANAmad (2022); Chapter 31, 1o de Maio (2022); Ritual Being, Ryan Lee Gallery (2022); aDrogaria, aSede (2022); Pouca Terra Muita Terra, CACE Cultural (2022); Lunaria, Hangar (2021); Curva, CACE Cultural (2021); Sarau [I], Sarau (2021); Cave 0, Umbigo (2020); No Fall Games, ARCOmadrid (2020); Sensory Thresholds III, A-Dash (2019); Collectives as Catalysts, Raven Row (2019); Polly’s Wood, Goleb (2019); A Ripple In Time A Footprint of Carbon, Nigredo Espacio (2019); Me Gustas Pixelad_, La Casa Encendida (2019); Skeuomorph, Picnic Gallery (2019); Collectives not Collections, Raven Row (2019); Hyper Mesh, Assembly Point (2019);

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