Gender Mirror, 2012 was Pedro Moreira’s first installation piece, created for the artist’s degree show at UAL. The piece functioned as a research experiment and audience learning tool with a focus on gender dysphoria.

The installation consisted of two seperate rooms, each exhiting a projected image and a mirror accross from it. One room’s projection showed a female body, while the other showed a male body. Each cis-gender identifying audience member was encouraged to look at themselves in the mirror with the body of the opposite sex projected onto their own for 10 minutes. Each audience member then proceeded to write their thoughts about the installation in a book which had already in its pages confessionals of people who suffered from gender dysphoria, whom the artist had previously interviewed. 

The result was a book which showcased the similarities of thought between both groups of people and instilled understanding about the issue in question. Gender Mirror is no longer available for commission in its original state, however the artist would be happy to discuss collaborations with this work in mind.