The Tripplesapiens: Pilot, 2018 is the first moving image piece to come from Ped.Moreira’s Tripplesapiens project. This 17 minute film, and pilot to the Tripplesapiens storyline, features a “Tripplesapien” as a guide to the world of the Tripplesapiens, allowing the audience to act as a voyeur to Ped.Moreira’s fictional world. The first Tripplesapien, Tlön, is a projection of what the artist sees as the next evolutionary stage of humanity, a being that transcends gender, race, and nationality and exists solely in the imaginary or virtual.

The film presents a sort classical narrative, and establishes Tlön’s perspective on their own existance as an immortal being in a seamingly ideal world. As the film progresses, Tlön expresses their intent to venture beyond the boundaries of their imaginary landscape, beconing the audience to question the nature of their own reality and challenge their understanding of their own world.

The Tripplesapins: Pilot has shown in Goleb (Amsterdam), MACAO (Milan), Killburn Arches (London), Wozen (Lisbon), Aarhus Billedkunstcenter (Aarhus), 18 Malden St (London) and Picnic Gallery (London).

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