Pedro Moreira, also known as the digital artist persona Ped.Moreira, is a queer multi-racial artist based between Porto, Portugal and London, United Kingdom. Their work explores the idea of reality through theology, identity and virtual theory. Using videogames, social media, and other virtual landscapes to create multi-disciplinary work, Pedro is interested in expressing the concept of ‘virtual-existentialism’, or the acknowledgement of one’s own existence in a virtual and imaginary environment.

Recent exhibitions include Cord (solo) at Nigredo Espacio (Madrid, 2019), Significant Other: Oxytocin at La Casa Encendida (Madrid, 2019), Skeuomorph (solo) at Picnic Gallery (London, 2019), Hypermesh at Assembly Point (London, 2019), Un_Becoming at SomoS (Berlin, 2018), and Bored but Secured as part of the Zone d’Utopie Temporaire residency at Wozen (Lisbon, 2018).

Workshops include Worldcraft at Raven Row and Assembly Point (London, 2019) and First Person Walkthrough Adventure Game at Inland (Madrid, 2019) and Bark Arts (Athens, 2017).

Being an active member in PACTO, Moreira has engaged in a variety of PACTO organised events and exhibitions such as Collectives Not Collections at Raven Row (London, 2019), PACTO @ 18 Malden Road (London, 2018), COMPACTO at Aarhus Center for Visual Art (Aarhus, 2018), and It’s Their Thought That Counts at Croydon Art Store (London 2018).